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16 Things That Are Just Never As Good After College

This. Discuss.
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    i can’t lose yelling
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    "It’s the only time in your life sitting next to shelves of old books seems necessary. Get ready to never go to another...
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  8. text-block said: I wonder how many people who never go back to libraries even bother to realize that they’ve got perfectly good public libraries for once they leave school. And also, they are DEAD WRONG about naps.
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    We still like going to the library! But we do work in a college library, so maybe we’re biased. What do you all think?
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  12. manbraman said: It’s all so incredibly true. Especially the library part. Well, and the Kale Salad part. And the Friends and Random Hook Up part….explains why it took me so long to exit college life.
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    "College students have the special opportunity to stimulate their brains in the noble pursuit of education. Devoting...
  14. lookitssaaaarah said: Whoever put this together is living their life improperly & is probably a boring snooze of a human.
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  16. cinnamon-screams said: ugh that really pissed me off
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  18. sassafrassj said: Rude Buzzfeed. Just rude. Also, party anthems never go out of style.