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1) Our jobs are not about specific departments or personalities. Our jobs are about the library, its mission, and our service to library customers. Remembering this is important; it keeps us focused on organizational goals and strategy rather than on distractions stemming from emotional reactions during a planning meeting.

2) We need to consciously focus on emotional intelligence in library interactions. It can be tempting to concentrate on things we are most familiar with, like these common performance predictors: intelligence, education, experience, or personality. These are important, but they aren’t enough. Weaving the critical factor of emotional intelligence into our interactions at the library—whether in hiring, communicating across departments, or simple day-to-day interactions with staff and customers—is critical.

3)We must work to develop our emotional intelligence because it will help us more accurately perceive emotions in ourselves and others. We can then use emotions to facilitate our thinking, understand emotional meanings, and assist us as we manage our own set of emotions. In other words, higher levels of emotional intelligence make us more effective at meeting our own needs and interacting with others. This makes us more credible and ultimately helps us fulfill the mission of the library.

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