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Tumblarians and Archivist: Question


Do any of you fantastic Tumblarians or archivist or technical specialists work on small or large scale digitization projects designed for web delivery? Specifically, I’m looking into still image (maps, paintings, letter, etc.) file format standards and compression guidelines (best format for web delivery: do you create a low res JPEG image?). Do you have a specific reference guide or tool you use to determine the specs you wish to use in web delivery? 

I’d appreciate any nod in the direction of a useful guidebook/textbook/reference for mass digitization projects, especially if it can be found online. Thanks a million!

(I’m not studying archives or technical services—I do E-Government—so I’m a bit lost on where to even start. Any help, and I mean ANY, would be much appreciated. Also, if you could signal boost, I’d love you forever).


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    Great resource! I’m working on a Digital Library project so I’m definitely going to come back to some of these.
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    Just boosting this.
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    Edit: Here’s what my friend uses: //framework.niso.org/node/5 (She notes that it’s “monstrously huge,” so it may not be...
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    I know that in our library, we save an unprocessed TIFF as the raw file (i.e., the image that comes straight from the...
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    I’m glad I could help!
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    Some good digitization project guidelines/standards links!
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