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What’s your favorite synonym or metaphor for librarian?

This question is posed on behalf of fellow tumblarian ideagenerationmdp who is working on a re-branding/graphic design poster project.

So what’s your favorite? Research Ninja? Information Pirate? Most Attractive and Interesting People in the World?

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  2. hyunjucmdp answered: luv, luv these answers! tx so much! 3 votes for punk-a$$ book jockey :) not sure that can go on a poster :) but will post v.2 @ finals time!
  3. justinplambert-author answered: Keymaster to the Eternal Wellsprings of Knowledge
  4. hellofurfur answered: We talked about this in my Foundations course this semester! My favorite was “Information Tsar.”
  5. kylasedai answered: Book Detective! (I even had my own theme song at one point!)
  6. nomoretexasgovernorsforpresident answered: Boss
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    Punk-ass book jockey.
  9. libraryoasis answered: Information guru?
  10. sehovde answered: Anything but “information professional.” Such a meaningless phrase!
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  12. thepinakes said: Most of my patrons seem to ask for “that guy” (variant: “that tall guy”) when asking for me.
  13. erinburr answered: Punk ass book jockey!
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  15. eyeheartdata answered: Research maven
  16. youtastelikenachos answered: Gumshoe.
  17. gloriousclio answered: I refer to myself as a Padawan. Soon, I shall be a Master!
  18. alfa-limalimon answered: I get called goddess of the library quite often
  19. makogimmesomemori answered: Information Operative
  20. libraryadvocates answered: If only Tom Haverford were here….
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  22. eviloverlibrarian answered: Information Ninja or Information Miner for us content access people
  23. transformativetidbits answered: Punk Ass Book Jockey ;)
  24. bookoisseur answered: Smartie pants.
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