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Having submitted my letter of resignation, managed a decent phone interview, scheduled stop service of all my utilities, and booked a moving truck, TGIF MY FRIENDS. Tonight it’s chips and salsa and True Blood.

Cataloger 3.0: Competencies and Education for the BIBFRAME Catalog →


Wherein your local tumblarian goes super nerdy/theoretical on making library metadata more awesome.

Super nerdy.



job hunting!

oh my!

Nobody’s doing anything for me and holding their hand out. I love it.


Here is another music post, this time from Guy Durosier et son orchestre. If you are Haitian, I am convinced both your parents and grandparents know, or at least are familiar, with this song. If you are not Haitian, this is still a wonderful piece to listen to, recorded in Haitian Creole in the late 1950s. 

Tumblr is the best sometimes.

Propaganda Is the New Frontier for Fake Social Media Accounts →


Oh hey, #infolit


Literary temp. tattoo designs for this kickstarter campain for Litographs


Litographs Tattoos: Wearable Tributes to Iconic Books (via Tattoo Press | Litographs)

Litographs Tattoos: Wearable Tributes to Iconic Books (via Tattoo Press | Litographs)

Curriculum Mapping for Info Lit


Suggestions needed/welcome. I’m working on curriculum mapping for information literacy/library instruction at my new job. We’re trying to incorporate library instruction across programs so that students graduate with at least a basic understanding of information literacy, but also with skills that will help them in the future. Has anyone ever done this? What suggestions do you have?

Hi Tumblarians!


Do you circulate tablets at your library? What’s your experience with it been like?

Information Specialist, Business Research Group, Capital Markets →

OK, who wants my job!? Tumblarians with corporate/special research experience, get to it!

Finally #currentlyreading !

Finally #currentlyreading !

Excellent weekend with these Tkaciks. #tkacikstan

Excellent weekend with these Tkaciks. #tkacikstan

Oakland librarian collects ephemera left behind →

It’s Sharon!


the end of boy, snow, bird got wonky to the point of losing its spell y/n?