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My extremely talented coworker Amanda photoshopped our children’s librarians to look like American Girl dolls and I have been laughing about it ever since.

Best. Thing. Ever.

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Emerging Leaders: Thoughts, Recommendations

Applications are due August 1st. Still mulling? I suppose recommendations can come first—yes, you should apply. If nothing else, it’s a definitely positive resume line item with the added perks of:

  • attending two ALA conferences
  • guaranteed networking opportunities with not only your EL cohort, but those certain ALA folks who are good to know
  • new friends to have lunch with during said conferences
  • the experience of coordinating and completing a project through digital collaboration
  • great examples of teamwork that will always be handy for those “tell me about a time when” interview questions

On your application, be sure to stick to the theme and use concrete examples which demonstrate your potential as a leader. This is not the time to be shy or self-effacing. Sell yourself as a professional that ALA should want to get to know.

How was my experience? You know, it was pretty good. But for my part—and what I’ve heard from many others—it was entirely in our (the participants) hands to make the experience worthwhile. There is need for a major overhaul in the facilitation of the actual days the EL cohort spends together at Midwinter & Annual. To be frank, there were some wasted hours. Not enough time was spent in conversation with other members of the class. There are still some ELs from my year that I wasn’t even able to meet.

Aside from the leadership “training” portion, the project experiences varied widely depending on what projects were assigned by the different ALA divisions and round tables. My group worked for NMRT and happily, we will see our efforts realized as the logo we designed as a part of the marketing plan we were tasked to assigned has been adopted by the NMRT board. Exciting, gratifying stuff. We did work and it mattered. However, we as a team didn’t form a life-changing bond over nightly Google hangouts. That’s not to say we don’t like each other (we totally do!) or that we didn’t enjoy our project. We worked as a task force. We divvied up what had to be done and made it happen. And hey guess what, that’s OK. That’s good experience, too. That’s real life.

It was a valuable process. While I’m still not entirely sure about many of the inner workings of ALA, I feel a little bit more comfortable and I have quite a few more friends. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity and I look forward to seeing how the program evolves as leadership changes. And I’d hope to see some #tumblarians names pop up when the next class is announced…

My social media platform is cooler than yours. @dollgina @tumblr #tumblarians #lit #iworkatapubliclibrary

My social media platform is cooler than yours. @dollgina @tumblr #tumblarians #lit #iworkatapubliclibrary

Having submitted my letter of resignation, managed a decent phone interview, scheduled stop service of all my utilities, and booked a moving truck, TGIF MY FRIENDS. Tonight it’s chips and salsa and True Blood.

Cataloger 3.0: Competencies and Education for the BIBFRAME Catalog →


Wherein your local tumblarian goes super nerdy/theoretical on making library metadata more awesome.

Super nerdy.



job hunting!

oh my!

Nobody’s doing anything for me and holding their hand out. I love it.


Here is another music post, this time from Guy Durosier et son orchestre. If you are Haitian, I am convinced both your parents and grandparents know, or at least are familiar, with this song. If you are not Haitian, this is still a wonderful piece to listen to, recorded in Haitian Creole in the late 1950s. 

Tumblr is the best sometimes.

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Oh hey, #infolit


Literary temp. tattoo designs for this kickstarter campain for Litographs


Litographs Tattoos: Wearable Tributes to Iconic Books (via Tattoo Press | Litographs)

Litographs Tattoos: Wearable Tributes to Iconic Books (via Tattoo Press | Litographs)

Curriculum Mapping for Info Lit


Suggestions needed/welcome. I’m working on curriculum mapping for information literacy/library instruction at my new job. We’re trying to incorporate library instruction across programs so that students graduate with at least a basic understanding of information literacy, but also with skills that will help them in the future. Has anyone ever done this? What suggestions do you have?

Hi Tumblarians!


Do you circulate tablets at your library? What’s your experience with it been like?

Information Specialist, Business Research Group, Capital Markets →

OK, who wants my job!? Tumblarians with corporate/special research experience, get to it!

Finally #currentlyreading !

Finally #currentlyreading !