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Good morning

Having my Easter morning coffee in the sun of a lovely patio and eavesdropping on the most wonderful conversation between two gorgeous senior women on how impressed they are with new library services, especially the option to reserve and renew books online. Now they’ve moved into book talk.

Easter love to everyone!

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i guess i don’t have much catholic guilt. what IS IT that keeps me? i go to mass irregularly, but several times a month. i usually go midweek, right after work. habit from college when church could be one of the best parts of your week because our Franciscan brothers made sense not shame. i went…

i know this isn’t even a possibility (right now? ever?) but I wish I could have you come work with me at John Carroll University. When you talk about serving the poor and being welcoming to others, that’s what I’ve been pleasantly surprised by at JCU. The students here are wonderful and even though I’m not Jesuit/Catholic, they are giving me new hope for others who label themselves as such. Maybe some day you’ll find yourself at an institution that fulfills your professional and spiritual needs!

Ack! I’ve seen posting at John Carroll in the past and I’ve always thought if applying! I’ve heard great things—students there have a comparative experience to my own at St. Bonaventure.

Plus I sort of love Cleveland. So who knows, one day!

Anonymous asked: idk about questions, i mean, it'd be cool to know how in the heck you become an actual librarian, but like, you're really cute and stuff, so, hi, i guess

Do you want to know how to become a librarian or are you just lingering near the reference desk?

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Happy National Library Week! Check out this slideshow of American Libraries, including our own Braddock Library. Photos by Robert Dawson

Roll away the stone

librarean asked: Pope Francis: just how cool is he?

i’m not sure we know yet. he’s inspiring a lot of hope—for me, too. but immediate justice is owed to the seemingly countless victims of abuse. immediate.

and then, of course, women.

can ask me things too

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There’s something about the theme song of Star Trek TNG that brings me such comfort.



bed sweet bed (at papa and gramma’s)

i’m just gonna reblog what i want for a little tonight.


bed sweet bed (at papa and gramma’s)

i’m just gonna reblog what i want for a little tonight.


Half Dome - September, 1984


Half Dome - September, 1984